Research and Development.


SPM - Security Paper Mill, Inc. bring you new and innovated solutions.

SPM is managed by a team of experts within a research and development division, focusing on the expertise of the paper and its properties, building a foundation for development of a completely original types of paper.

We have already made many advances in the development of the paper and its security features, such as: rapid verification of the authenticity of paper using a special pen „Blanka".
Additionally, we can identify one-sidedly visible watermark in UV light, or by mixing metal fibers (measured in micrometres) to the paper which can later be electronically detected. A major advancement in the development of security features in paper is with the use of IR active pigment, which can be detected using a laser pen.

We are ready to provide superior analysis of existing paper or develop a totally unique and custom paper for our client´s needs.

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