Other services.

Reel to sheet paper cutting

We offer reel to sheet paper longitudinal cutting in width from 280 mm to 1 450 mm and from 400 mm to 1 600 mm in length. We are able to cut reels with different core diameters. Please contact us for a quote: info@spm.cz

Paper transport

When you order from a selection of products from SPM, Inc., we are happy to offer paper delivery as well. We have experience with all types of transport - road, rail, sea and air. When you order from us, we (along with our shipping partners) guarantee any shipment for damage caused during the transport, and only deliver paper products with excellent quality.

Security printing

SPM - Security Paper Mill, Inc. can provide made-to-order security papers customized to your needs. Our security paper comes with a classic or security printing.

For reliable protection of securities when printing we use a combination of several printing techniques, special paints and varnishes which may for example be visible only under UV lamp. Typical security printing technologies include: REGISTRATION MARKS, COLOR-CHANGING, HIDDEN IMAGE, GUILLOCHE, MICRO TEXT, etc.


Anti-copy print is printed grid which is integrated into the background of paper. This feature ensures the protection of documents / originals from imitations when documents are copied. The purpose of protection is to display for example word "COPY" or other shapes on a non-original document after the original is copied and passes through a copier.

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