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Dandy roll production

Dandy roll is a special metal cylinder used to transfer watermark design to paper mass. SPM, Inc. is one of the few paper mills able to produce dandy roll in-house and by its own employees. Therefore we are able to offer the highest security and quality of Dandy roll production. For our customers we offer safe storage of Dandy rolls in our factory and exclusive rights for their watermark design. Production of paper with customer watermarks is based on customer orders only.

Research and Development (R&D)

SPM with its own team of industry experts is engaged in the Research and Development of paper studies, including critical paper properties. Based on this research the team developsentirely new and innovative types of paper. We are prepared toprovide a superior analysis of the existing paper, or to develop totally unique, custom type of paper according toour client’s needs and specifications.

Paper transport

If you wish to order production paper from SPM, Inc., we are happy to offer paper delivery as well. We have experience with all types of transport – road, rail, sea and air. When you order from us, we guarantee any damage caused during transport and we deliver paper products of excellent quality only.

Internationally accredited paper laboratory

SPM, Inc. operates an internationally accredited laboratory, Neograph for paper testing and analysis. Based on your request, we are able to analyse paper samples according to your specific needs. We will provide you with a certified report, custom made to suit your purposes. For the complete list of all available SPM lab tests, please visit the laboratory’s web pages.


Anti-copy print is printed raster, which is integrated into the paper’sbackground. This feature provides a unique protection of documents / originals before they are a duplicated and copied. Theobjective of this protection is to show, for example, word “COPY”, or other shapes, on a non-original document, once the original (secured) document passesthrough the copier.

Security printing

SPM, Inc. has a wealth of experience in producing high quality, secure documents. This includes security paper production, hologram production and application, security printing and packaging. We are flexible and open to new ideas. We are able to give you complete solutions tailored to your specific requests. Don’t hesitate to contact us to find your best solution: info@spm.cz

Reel to sheet paper cutting

We offer reel to sheet paper cutting. We offer longitudinal cutting from 280 mm to 1450 mm in width and from 400 mm to 1600 mm in length. We are able to cut reels with different core diameters. Please contact us for a quote: info@spm.cz

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