Security features on the paper surface.

As the technological development in recent years advances, currently several security features are also applied on the paper surface.


A hologram is a security element which contains optically variable information (picture, text, etc.), made of a multilayered metallized film, which has a laser-cut pattern and changing its appearance and attributes according to light. The range of offered holograms is very wide and each customer may choose an already available hologram (hologram design is free of charge) or request a custom design. Hologram application is implemented on reels and sheets as well as according to customer needs.
We guarantee the best quality and functionality of hologram applications. It is possible to create countless number of combinations, changes in drawings and colors, movements in drawing and expansiveness.
In order to protect the securities various internationally-registered holograms are being used. These special holograms may contain microelements, kinetic effects and hidden elements controlled with laser. Holograms are applied to the paper in the way that prevent a separation from the original surface without a visible damage. Patterns can be placed either in precisely defined locations, or in an endless strip, which can be compared to a wallpaper pattern. All holograms are supplied according to customer requirements. We guarantee maximum quality and functionality of the application of holograms.

Self-adhesive security paper

Self-adhesive security paper is used for a wide variaty of applications. They are used for VISA documents, stamps, security seals, etc. Based on individual customer needs, we offer the best solution and self-adhesive security paper is delivered to the customer in reels or sheets. Self-adhesive parts may be cut to a final shape.
We customize the basis weight and paper color according to client´s request.

Security papers with thermo layer

Fast and inexpensive printing is often printed on thermo papers. Their use is mainly in the production of tickets, thermal rolls for cash registers or receipts. Printing takes place by heating individual points of thermal layer on the paper. In some cases where a secured documents is required, our security paper with thermo layer may be the right answer. Based on your request we will offer you the best solution, including desired basis weight and color.

Self-copy (CB) security papers

Some security documents require the option of copying written text to another page. As example is a contract between an insurance company and a customer where a contract needs to be protected against counterfeiting.
We offer production of this type of paper when the security-paper surface is applied to the CB/CF layer.
Basis weights and the color is customized according to a client´s needs.

Postage stamp paper

Stamps have always been one of the targets of counterfeiters and that´s why security paper is used for their production. SPM offers customers the ability to manufacture stamp paper according to their specifications, including coated paper glue. We offer a wide range of different types of glue including water activated adhesives and classic stickers.
Basis weights and the color is customized according to client´s needs and requirements.

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