Other papers / specialty papers

Our production also complements a broad selectioni of other papers, such as archival papers, map papers, fireproof papers, colored paper, but also special types of paper with unusual properties, based on client´s requests and requirements.

  • Archive paper

  • Archive paper is primarily designed for documents and publications, which are intended for permanent preservation because of their legal, historical or other significant values.
    The paper meets the standard ISO 11108:1996.

  • Nonflammable paper

  • Paper is flame resistant, has a certain degree of resistance to ignition or burning. During the production process a special solution is infused and its flammability is limited, when ignited it does not burn, and only smokes for a short period of time. We make it generally at the basis weight at 80 g/m2, in natural color or dyed. Nonflammable paper has frequent use for artistic purposes in the manufacture of lanterns, fire-resistant caps, candleholders, etc.

  • Chart paper

  • Printing wood free paper, heavily glued, strong when wet, tear, break (bend) and abrasion resistant, it has a high dimensional stability. It is produced in basis weights from 90 to 100 g/m2. Some types include the addition of optical brighteners to increase the whiteness of the paper, or it can also be produced in Chamois shade.

  • Colored papers

  • Colored papers are generally used as security papers, where precise color pigmentation is seen as a further safety feature.
    Pastel shades can also be supplied for art cartons.

  • Special papers - with custom features and properties

  • As a part of the development of innovations in the paper industry, we are actively involved in research and development of papers with unusual characteristics. We are ready to develop a unique paper based on client´s needs and requirements.

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