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About Security Papers

In order to protect against product counterfeiting and to secure its information, an ongoing and continuous development and improvement of the security features is required. To provide reliable protection against counterfeiting, various security features are added to the surface or directly into the paper structure during the manufacturing process. The most common security features include watermarks, use of security fibers, chemical protection and application of holograms.

Protective elements are subdivided into elements visible to the eye, further elements recognizable only under special detection device (such as a security fiber visible only under UV light) and elements verifiable on the laboratory level, for example, securing security papers using own DNA, allowing the paper to be verified even after burning.

Production presentation.

The best way of protecting documents against counterfeiting is to use security paper and security printing.

In practical application, Security papers are used for the production of security products, such as:

- notes, bills, stock exchange certificates, bonds, share certificates, stamps, food stamps, tickets, diplomas and report cards, documents and papers of national importance presenting a certain financial value, etc.

Currently, our company produces more than 1,000 types of security paper products having different technical specification.

The paper is produced as wood-free, using either cellulose or cotton fibers.

Security papers

Distribution of protective elements:

  1. Security features in paper structure

    Security features in paper structure are very difficult to counterfeit. The most common security features are watermarks, security fibres, or the use of chemical protection.

  2. Security features on paper surface

    The most commonly used protective elements on the paper surface are applications of holograms or holographic film.

  3. Security Printing

    In order to achieve reliable level of security during the printing process, a combination of several printing techniques, special colors and paints are being used, which may be, for example, be visible only under UV lamp. Typical security printing technologies include registration marks, variable ink, hidden pattern guilloches, microtext, anti-copy color, etc.

Samples of finished products:

Graphic Cartons (Artistic boards)

Creative artistic boards are designed for graphite drawing, pen drawing, watercolors, gravure and copper printing. They can be used for company presentations, documentation, business card printing and other exclusive printing.
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Other types of specialty papers

SPM, Inc. also produces other types of paper, such as archive paper, paper for map printing, non-flammable paper and color paper.

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