SPM - Security Paper Mill, Inc.

Security paper producer.

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Who we are ?

SPM is the leading and oldest manufacturer of security paper products in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The company was founded in 1997 by Czech shareholders and continues a 50 years-old tradition of security paper production.

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What we do ?

Security paper contains different security features against counterfeiting with an objective to protect documents or printed material. Currently we produce more than 1 000 different types of security paper varying in technical specifications.

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How we do it ?

SPM, with one of the kind, and well respected know-how, uses the latest paper-production technologies, and coupled with its own Research & Development provides secured and protected production environment. An important role plays a solid experience, process-related expertise and creativity among many key employees.

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High Quality Guaranteed.

Our high and guaranteed level of production quality is valued not only in the Czech market but especially in leading EU markets, where we export the majority of our products. Our mission is to continuously improve production quality and enhance the services provided to our customers. We export 90 % of our products to more than 70 countries worldwide. All our products are designed to follow strict EU standards. To illustrate its high level of expertise, SPM holds several internationally recognized product quality certifications.

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Security papers

Paper secured against forgery. In order to protect against counterfeiting, various security features are applied directly into the paper structure during the manufacturing process, e. g. watermark, security fibers and other additives.

Graphic cartons

Creative graphic cartons are used for graphite, pen and watercolour art-drawing, and for gravure print and copperplate printing. Additionally, they are often used for business presentations, greeting cards, business cards and more.

Other specialty papers

Special papers made with custom features
Archive papers
Map paper
Non-flammable and fire-resistant paper
Colored paper

Our services

Custom sheet size cutting
Dandy roll Manufacturing
Research and Development
Product Shipping, Handling and Delivery
Paper Laboratory analysis
Paper printing

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